EP Prospect provides a wide range of exercise physiology services including chronic disease management, strength training and general health improvement.

Movement Therapy And Rehabilitation

Your muscles and joints can maladapt to inappropriate physical force and tension resulting in chronic pain. Like food we eat, too little or too much of some movement or exercise can damage our body. The mental and physiological functions can also affect your recovery. By choosing the right exercises and movement, Dan Chan can assist in achieving your rehabilitation or pain relief goals.

Mobility & Qigong Class

Are you feeling tired all the time or finding it hard to recover from vigorous exercises? Or maybe you are retired and want to stay strong, fit and supple but you do not like lifting weight, going to the gym or pushing your physical limits? The mobility and qigong class is just what you are looking for. All you need is an exercise mat and an open mind to explore your movement.

Ageless Strength Class

As you reach 50 years old and above, you may start feeling unstable or arthritic pain in your joints. Coming up from the floor while playing with your grandkids are becoming almost impossible. You also start noticing you need to push yourself up from a chair to stand up.

By applying various strength training principles, techniques and movement practice, the Ageless Strength class can improve your strength significantly, maintain your muscle tone and physical independence during your golden years. For clients with Type 2 Diabetes, strength training can improve your blood glucose control.

Breathing and Core Control Training

Be coached to breathe better, control and strengthen your core muscles to attain calmness, increase vitality and build inner strength.

We are a Service Provider for a wide range of Health Schemes in Australia

If you are eligible for any of the health schemes listed below, contact us to find out how you can access our services under each scheme.

Self-funded or Private Health Insurance

You do not need a doctor referral to see us. However, knowing your health conditions is necessary to ensure we can prescribe exercises accordingly. At our clinics, HICAPS facilities are available for direct rebates for individual consultations.

Home Care Package (HCP)

Older Australians may be eligible for Home Care Package to access a range of services, including exercise physiology, at an affordable rate to stay well and independent. Depending on your needs, the frequency of sessions can be from weekly to monthly or simply a few sessions to prepare an exercise program for you. If you already have a service provider managing your HCP, you may request for exercise physiology service from us. Home visit is available. For eligibility or more information about the HCP, go to or call 1800 200 422 (Freecall).

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Home visit and in-clinic consultation is available for self-managed and plan-managed participants of NDIS. We can bring exercise equipment to your home or source for ones that you may need for you. On initial session, we assess your physical function, coordination and more importantly, we get to know you and address your concerns and goals. As your needs change, we strive to also adapt accordingly.

Return To Work / Worker's Compensation

Our clinic is set up for close, one to one supervised physical rehabilitation and therapy. Dan Chan advocates gradual progression, correct form and immediate feedback during session for optimal recovery and return to work. Client is educated on their workplace practice and ergonomics, physical condition and pain issues to ease their fears and enhance their recovery.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

Anyone with a chronic medical condition or complex care need may be eligible for GP referral (GPMP or EPC) under Medicare. The referral must be sent to us or brought along on the day of the individual consultation. We charge a small gap instead of bulk bill as our consultation time (30 to 45 minutes) is longer than the required 20 minutes duration.

Group Sessions for Clients with Type 2 Diabetes

You can be referred by your GP for an initial consultation and 8 supervised group sessions per year. We bulk bill if you have the appropriate Medicare referral. (Available at Green Fields clinic near Mawson Lakes)

Department of Veteran's Affair (DVA)

Veteran with a Gold or White card who is referred by a GP or Specialist (using D904 Referral Form) for rehabilitating a chronic condition. There is no out-of-pocket fee. 

Let us guide your recovery and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At PEP Health Rehab, we treat every client as individuals with unique abilities and potential to make better health and fitness lifestyle changes. We will guide you rather than direct you to find solutions and strategies to improve your health and take control of your medical conditions.

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