Hi! I'm Dan Chan.

After completing my PhD in clinical exercise physiology in 2015, my desire to help clients has outgrown my drive to garner knowledge and pursue an academic career. Truth be told, the academic world may be too much for me to stomach and I may be too unorthodox and humorous for it!

Since becoming an accredited exercise physiologist in 2008, I grew to love my work and people of all kinds. Every time I see my clients respond positively and laugh with me, it powers me to keep growing and working as an EP.

Dan Chan

My current interest is on the effects of manipulating breathing and the pacing of movement to manage health conditions.

I am fluent in English, Mandarin and able to converse in Cantonese. I am currently learning Farsi.

Nurturing a Healthy Community 

Danwin is your friendly neighbourhood EP you can consult to find effective health and fitness solutions.

He likes to work alongside general practitioners and practice nurses to make his neighbourhood a healthy one.

He can speak Mandarin and understand Cantonese (Chinese dialect).

PEP Health Rehab assist and educate our patients in living active, healthy lifestyle, free from pain or physical limitations, through caring, personalized physical therapy & wellness services.

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