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Lifestyle Change
Improve your health and manage your medical conditions.
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Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior, or just have a busy schedule, you should not be in pain.
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We work alongside general practitioners and practice nurses to create a healthy community.
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The Right Movement Changes You.

"Human body, mind and emotion is inseparably one and each affects the other."

"Poor lifestyle and movement habits can lead to pain and illness. However, the right therapy, exercise and motion can change your mind, body and emotion."

Exercise Physiologist in Prospect, Adelaide.

At PEP Health Rehab, we treat every client as individuals with unique abilities and potential to make better health and fitness lifestyle changes. We will guide you rather than direct you to find solutions and strategies to improve your health and take control of your medical conditions.

Looking for an accredited exercise physiologist in Adelaide? Speak to us today.

Our Services

Chronic Disease Management, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.

Whether it's physical rehabilitation, strength training, chronic disease management, or maintaining optimal health, we can help especially if you are aged 50 and over.

Your medical doctors can refer you if you have chronic conditions that can benefit from appropriate exercises.

Personal Training for BUPA Corporate Members

Dan Chan (AES, AEP) is now a registered BUPA Personal Training Provider. Eligible BUPA members can now receive benefits for personal training service. 

General Health

All Physiologists at EP Prospect are qualified to consult in a wide range of general health conditions.

Exercise Physiology

We help athletes return to their sport in a safe, effective and efficient manner. We also help athletes prevent sports related injuries through effective physio strategies.


Whether it's general, injury or post op recovery, we can personalise a specific strategy to help you recover quickly.

Strength Training

Need to increase or recover strength in specific areas of your body? We can help you with effective strategies to quickly regain and improve your strength.

Individualised Programs To Resolve Your Issues

  • Exercise Physiology
  • General Rehab & Sports Physical Therapy
  • Weight Loss & Management
  • Sports Physiology
  • Strength & Weight Training
  • Chronic Disease Management

Speak to our accredited exercise physiologist today and get a management plan individualised to address your specific needs.

rehabilitation & recovery strategies

The Prospect of More & Better Movement

At PEP Health Rehab, we assist clients to get fitter and healthier and also journey with clients who have to cope with ongoing health conditions.

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